Meadhall, Kendall Sq

I was at Meadhall in Kendall Sq, Cambridge the other night hanging with Fantastic Mr. Sly. Their beer selection is unbelievable and I started with a Jack’s Abby India Pale Lager. It blew my feeble mind. I thought I was snorting hop-coke off a midget hooker’s ass cheek! Continue reading

Red Rocket – Bearing it Republic-styleey

I can’t sing.

I try.

Usually on my ride home when it’s raining and my 45 minute commute turns into an hour and a half.

Occasionally I actually surprise myself by holding a note for more than a split second but more often than not I appall my own senses with my utter lack of, nay opposition to, all that is sweet and wonderful in aural bliss. Doesn’t help that my wife sings with the soul of a diva and voice of an angel.

Despite my failings in this regard I’m going to sing some praises for Bear Republic’s Red Rocket. Here we go… ready? Continue reading


As part of our party hosting during August I also picked up a 12 pack of Wachusett beer. I was really excited to try these beers because I wanted to support a local brewery. I even put the Geary’s mixed pack back on the shelf in favor of Wachusett. The mixer had Country Pale Ale, IPA and Blueberry in it. This was my experience.

Continue reading

Ale’s Pale Dale

Cous-in-law walked in the other day dangling three Dale’s from a six pack ring. He had been given them by a bud who was visiting Boston for a night and hadn’t managed to get through them. He downed one and handed me the other two. I had one and wrote up some notes. Continue reading

Hop Rod Rye Rocks!

Cous-in-law has been staying with us off and on ever since he was stationed at the Hull Coast Guard Base last month. He’s been getting hot and heavy with the craft beer and we’ve been sharing some great tasty treats. I just picked up a Bear Republic’s Hop Rod Rye to share with him.

I’m not going to bother writing a review, I’m too busy enjoying it, but I did want to say that you should go get it. Get two! For $4 and change, it’s a great deal from one of the best breweries around.

O’F, Girlie-Girl McLady Friend, Poppa Outlaw and myself attended the American Craft Beer Fest a couple months back where Bear Rep had a booth. They were serving their so-called Strong IPA named Apex. O’F loved it, I didn’t. I want a second taste coz these guys know what they’re doing and I love it!

8 Ways to Fix Our Politics – Daily Beast

This recent article in Newsweek was a refreshing and simple read. If one candidate or eleced official used this as a blueprint for making some short term progress, I’d donate, endorse and vote for them. I can’t vote though, but you probably can.

8 Ways to Fix Our Politics

Ra Ra Romney

For a few months now I’ve been claiming that Romney will be the Republican nominee, to the chagrin of Poppa-outlaw who would prefer Bachmann or even Ron Paul.

Despite Bachmann’s recent victory in the Iowa Straw Poll, I just can’t accept her as a legitimate potential president. She’s centering up now but she’s got a fair share of wacky comments in her recent history. Everything from religion and science to sexuality and the minimum wage have fallen prey to her skewed, uninformed, Palinesque distortions. Continue reading


Hey check out O’Flanagan’s blog. He got all nominated for being awesome and stuff. Go vote for the boy and maybe he’ll start feeling good about himself.

Attaboy Farty!

Ipswich Mixswich

Career Girl hosted her annual Lake Cottage party this past weekend so once again I took advantage of the situation and picked up some beer that I hadn’t paid much attention to before. This time it was Mercury Brewing Company’s Ipswich brand from right here in sexy Taxachusetts. Mercury also makes the Stone Cat line as well as doing a bunch of contract brewing for different brands. The mixer had the Ipswich Summer Ale, the plain old Ipswich Original Ale and the Ipswich IPA. Continue reading

Brooklyn 3 Way

We hosted some ragers at our house recently which gave me the chance to pick up a few mixed packs of great beer. I love Brooklyn’s Lager (O’F take note my brother), so I was eager to nab the Brooklyn mixer for a lovely $13.49 at the local liquor clearing house, Atlas. Here are my thoughts on the Pennant Pale Ale, the India Pale Ale and the Brown Ale. Hold on to your knickers! Not you blondie, you can just go ahead and drop ’em. O’F, if you happen to be still wearing them, cinch em up tighter please, we don’t want any travesties. Thanks. Continue reading