Aug 15 2011

Brooklyn 3 Way

We hosted some ragers at our house recently which gave me the chance to pick up a few mixed packs of great beer. I love Brooklyn’s Lager (O’F take note my brother), so I was eager to nab the Brooklyn mixer for a lovely $13.49 at the local liquor clearing house, Atlas. Here are my thoughts on the Pennant Pale Ale, the India Pale Ale and the Brown Ale. Hold on to your knickers! Not you blondie, you can just go ahead and drop ’em. O’F, if you happen to be still wearing them, cinch em up tighter please, we don’t want any travesties. Thanks.

Pennant Pale Ale:
Pennant poured a deep red and the impressive head waved hello followed swiftly by a curt goodbye. Not good company I guess. Smelled strongly of caramel, a cloying sweet, thick, syrupy aroma. Also got significant butterscotch and buttered popcorn.
Tasted surprisingly of lemongrass off the bat. Lots of sweet toffee, very delicious.
Pennant had lots of good flavor and little in the way of hops which made it taste more like an English Pale Ale in that respect. Good brew!

Brown Ale:
Smelled chocolatey and malty with some coffee notes.
First taste was deep, rich and very tasty.
I’m not a brown expert, not because I don’t like them, I do, I just haven’t focused on them too much. In my opinion, if you like brown ale, brown food, or brown chocolate, buy this, you’ll probably like it.

East India Pale Ale:
Now that was some chunky lacing! Not as dark as I expected but good copper color.
There was a strange powered citrus sugar flavor. Really weird. Dried out very well at the end with no residual sweetness.
Bizarre flavor, like nothing I’ve had before. I like to be surprised by IPAs so I need to give this a second try.

So there you go, all three were definitely worthy brews.

I love Brooklyn’s iconic logo and they’ve got some groovy gear on their site, specifically their “Brewhouse” shirt.


3 Responses to “Brooklyn 3 Way”

  • O'Flanagan

    Sounds good. I’ve had Brooklyn maybe once or twice, and keep meaning to try it. I get sidetracked easily these days by shiny new bombers. Lady Friend and I were in Kappy’s on Sun trying to pick a sixer of something for her before they kicked us out at 6. Wound up with Mayflower Porter… delish. Nice and roasted, but not too bitter.

  • O'Flanagan

    Also, had a lonely SN Torpedo IPA that was cowering in the back of the fridge last night. Actually looked at the label… didn’t realize those suckers were 7.2% abv. Yum.

    Currently Kappy’s (Rt 1 Saugus) has a free SN pint glass with purchase of SN 12 pack (about $14).

  • O'Flanagan


    Had a Brooklyn Lager at Four Square trivia night on Wed. It’s tasty… has a lot more flavor than an average macro lager. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Will be on the lookout for the full sampler to try the whole lineup.

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