Aug 17 2011

Ipswich Mixswich

Career Girl hosted her annual Lake Cottage party this past weekend so once againĀ I took advantage of the situation and picked up some beer that I hadn’t paid much attention to before. This time it was Mercury Brewing Company’s Ipswich brand from right here in sexy Taxachusetts. Mercury also makes the Stone Cat line as well as doing a bunch of contract brewing for different brands. The mixer had the Ipswich Summer Ale, the plain old Ipswich Original Ale and the Ipswich IPA.

Ipswich Summer Ale
Cloudy pour with a smelly nose, little skunky.
Tasted thick, tangy lemons, little spicy. Nuttiness.
Strange, sour, bitter aftertaste. I wonder if they used a Belgian yeast?
I’m not sure why beers like these are considered appropriate for summer, there was nothing light about this beer. It had heavy mouthfeel with a lot of intense flavor. Not a beer I’d care to try again, but I half-remember floating on my back in the lake having no problem enjoying it.

Ipswich Original Ale
Lumpy head clung nicely to the glass.
Mild hop aroma and unfiltered like the other two.
Clean malty flavor, nice bitter aftertaste. Quite dry finish.
Nice ale, with great round flavor.



Ipswich IPA
Wow, heavy, pungent nose. Thick with dank citrus and even a little cat piss (the good kind. Don’t ask). Usually that aroma is associated with Simcoe hops which I don’t think they used in this beer.
Great flavor, very stylish and aggressive. Awesome tongue coating, oily bitterness. Loved this one the whole ass-smacking way. Whoo-yah!

Great stuff Ipswich, you got me singing your praises. They don’t show any gear on the website but they have fantastic Tapmobiles which are retrofitted old vehicles that serve as mobile bars. Their color-coded labels make me think of 1% and 2% milks in the grocery store.

I want their limited release 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA!

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