Aug 19 2011

Hop Rod Rye Rocks!

Cous-in-law has been staying with us off and on ever since he was stationed at the Hull Coast Guard Base last month. He’s been getting hot and heavy with the craft beer and we’ve been sharing some great tasty treats. I just picked up a Bear Republic’s Hop Rod Rye to share with him.

I’m not going to bother writing a review, I’m too busy enjoying it, but I did want to say that you should go get it. Get two! For $4 and change, it’s a great deal from one of the best breweries around.

O’F, Girlie-Girl McLady Friend, Poppa Outlaw and myself attended the American Craft Beer Fest a couple months back where Bear Rep had a booth. They were serving their so-called Strong IPA named Apex. O’F loved it, I didn’t. I want a second taste coz these guys know what they’re doing and I love it!

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