Aug 27 2011


As part of our party hosting during August I also picked up a 12 pack of Wachusett beer. I was really excited to try these beers because I wanted to support a local brewery. I even put the Geary’s mixed pack back on the shelf in favor of Wachusett. The mixer had Country Pale Ale, IPA and Blueberry in it. This was my experience.

Country Pale Ale
Caramel toffee bourbon aroma. Also got some sweet hay rising up from the bubbles. I liked it!
But then it tasted very strange, almost like Cheerios. My guess is there was possible diacetyl present. It was off, too buttery.
Little flavor in the way of hops. Tasted kinda stale.
Jesus, I can’t finish this one, sorry. Too bleh! Over-the-top Ick! Nasty brew all round.

I have faint and somewhat drunken memory of a brewer friend handing me his bottle of Country PA during a party and asking me if there was something “off” about it. I know I tasted it but I was very inebriated so I don’t think I was able to respond accurately. Now I offer that friend kudos and props and other awkwardly inappropriate-for-my-white-Irish-ass words of approval. Next please!

Smelled like an IPA with a hint of orangey citrus but not much.
This one tasted thin and weak. What the hell Wachusett? Gimme a break here. Get some effing flavor.
Bitterness lingered and built nicely afterwards.
I finished it but I wouldn’t ever buy it again. What else is there in this mix pack? Oh yeah, a fucking fruit beer. Great!

Poured fizzy yellow like a lager.
Smelled sharp and acidic, little pumpkiny, sorta chemically.
Tasteed like liquid potato starch that somebody added drops of blueberry flavoring too.
Can’t finish this one either. Down the drain it goes along with the Country PA. Good riddance.

Well, unfortunately I’m in a tough position. I want to support local breweries but if they make swill like these three beers then I can’t. Bad beer is bad no matter who makes it. Wise up Wachusett and revamp these recipes because this stuff is subpar at best.

Disappointed Slainté!

2 Responses to “Wa-the-chusett?”

  • O'Flanagan

    Total agreement. I don’t like ANYTHING Wachusett does, with the wild exception being their Larry, which is fantastic. The Lady Friend doesn’t mind their blueberry, but prefers Sebago’s version. If you still have them, hold on to a few samples and I’ll weigh in with a tasting.

    Also, we picked up a Heavy Seas sample pack to ride out the “hurricane” and all are excellent: Hop3 IPA, Pale Ale, Pils and Classic Lager. Delish.

    • admin

      I see you’re adding to the list of lagers you enjoy. I’ve had Heavy Seas Hop3 and really liked it. I haven’t tried the others yet and given that they’re about $10+ for a six pack you did the right thing with the mixed 12.
      All the Wachusett is gone, except for a Larry, which will get a new review now that I have a baseline for the brewery. I really hope it holds up.

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